Work. Give. Provide. Engage. 


The Pristine Sustainable Affordable Homes, Inc. ("Pristine Homes") mission is to promote and develop, construct, assist in the development and /or construction of Sustainable and/or Affordable homes and multi-family living homes and apartments where Quality of Life standards meet with environmentally efficient and low carbon footprint combined with low cost building expenses to make sustainable and affordable homes available to all people in New Jersey.  

Through direct action with our strategic alliances, public-private-participation and innovative programs, Pristine Homes performs the following activities:

Work in cooperation with Municipality officials, Business / Community leaders and advocates to identify the optimal development, re-development or renovation of existing properties into a sustainable and affordable living community. Identifying and addressing issues of quantity, location, square footage, quality of life issues and price points, to satisfy GAP period obligations, present need and prospective need of low-income and moderate income housing;

Give students and recent graduates an opportunity to obtain valuable real world experience through the mentorship of highly experienced and knowledgeable Industry Professionals and Government Officials in a clean, safe, ethnically neutral and friendly and innovative work-learn environment;

Provide or assist in providing affordable and supportive housing for the Municipalities most vulnerable residents, including Veterans, Handicapped, Special Needs, Rehabilitated ex-offenders and Senior Citizens;

As determined by the Board of Trustees to be commercially reasonable and legally possible, provide or assist in providing Community Development Programs, Mental and/or Physical Healthcare assistance in conformity with available local, State and Federal laws and programs, with special consideration for Veterans of any area of the United States Armed Forces;

Engage in any and all lawfully available assistance to house and improve the lives of our fellow citizens.