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The Pristine Homes strategic alliance with Montclair State University's advanced Undergraduates in the Feliciano School of Business Accounting, Finance, Economics and Marketing Degree Programs as well as the MSU Real Estate Institute and MBA program formulates a significant part of the PRISTINE Homes philosophy and strategy for success. Research has demonstrated that engaging students in the Real World work experience increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills and promotes meaningful learning experiences. Instructors such as Professor Joseph Nicholson, PhD. and Clinical Specialist Anthony Palazzo have adopted a student-centered pedagogical approach to instruction and fostered significant greater opportunities for student engagement, which then helps everyone more successfully achieve their goals, resulting in a “Win-Win” for the students and the not-for profit Company. The pedagogical approach involves a “five” step learning and working formula which includes principles of motivation; exposition; direction of activity; criticism; inviting imitation.

The combined goal of Pristine is to develop a sustainable and energy efficient (“Affordable”) residential multi-family living facility and offer an academic & real time working experience for students to participate in actual ground-up development beginning with partnership development, land acquisition, the zoning and planning process, engineering, architecture, through construction completion and competitive real estate marketing of an actual development project.