Pristine Sustainable Affordable Homes, Inc. 

A Not For Profit Corporation

Pristine Homes is the culmination of the life’s work of a legendary residential builder of high quality multi-family properties and the cooperation between Academia and successful Industry Stakeholders.  Municipalities across New Jersey are facing a Court ordered directive to build thousands of additional affordable homes for its low-income residents to make up for the 16 years that the State regulatory arm Coalition on Affordable Housing (“COAH”) failed to adequately address those needs.  In response to this daunting directive, Pristine Homes affords Municipalities a realistic opportunity to provide their fair share of affordable housing in a socially responsible manner with little to no negative economic effect or strain on existing governmental services; but to actually add Value to the business community and an improved quality of life to its residents.  

     After 45 years of conflict between community and developer and intermittent strained Judicial intervention, we can and must find another path to what is best for our society.  The PRISTINE / DEVELOPER Municipalities Assistance Program provides a platform for inclusion and cooperation.  Local governmental officials and their residents and business community can work with our Professionals and Academic advisers from the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University to work together through the issues affecting all concerned.  Social, Economic and Ecological Sustainability can be achieved through cooperative problem solving.   

     We believe we have a recipe for success: A Public - Private - Academic Cooperation PPAC.  The PRISTINE / DEVELOPER Municipalities Assistance Program provides experienced and knowledgeable Industry Professionals, a highly motivated and resourceful Academic team and the advantages of scale and productivity, all working with, not against local administrators.  A real seamless solution affording the community a clean, comfortable, safe and economically viable quality of life.


In its inception, Sustainable real estate development focused primarily on reducing Carbon Emissions or reducing the Carbon Footprint.  However, time and experience has evolved to include communities quality of life and the bottom line is community inclusion in those factors affecting society;

A number of factors have driven real estate sustainability into the mainstream, but the greatest influence, whether in the initial design phase or via retrofit, are constituent expectations: 

  • Reinvesting in existing communities
  • Focusing development in centers and corridors
  • Providing a range of housing and transportation choices
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Promoting resource conservation
  • Promote a mix of uses (housing, retail, jobs)
  • The dedicated and motivated young adults of Montclair State University are committed to assist our elected officials and community leaders in reaching these goals.

Development Process Overview